Monday, August 20, 2012

Beauty Product Review: Battle of the Lipstains

I have collected some lip stains over the past week or so from Covergirl and Revlon. Right now CVS has their Revlon lip products 6.49 get 4.00 back in rewards that can be used like in-store cash or credit on your next transaction. There are 1.00 off coupons in the 8-5-12 Sunday paper Smart Source coupon insert as well. I am on the search for natural flush of color to my lips in a natural pink or natural nude brown that can be worn daily. I have been using them lately and wanted to share my review.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain
Okay first glance you got this container with a clear top. Taking the top off looks just like a marker. The two colors I got is 400 which is suppose to a pink shade and 427 is suppose to be a light brownish nude shade. This lipstain was almost a miss until I found out that this is a problem with many products such as this. I purchased this product before back in May for a cruise. Used it one time and didn't use it again for a while and when I went back in my makeup collection to use it again the product wouldn't come out. It was like it dried up. So strike number one. I ended up throwing that one away. I decided to give it another chance recently and purchased it again thinking I bought a dud the first time. First time use was successful. Second time use same problem. So I was complaining to my husband about how I hate this product and that I was going to give it a bad review on my blog and write Covergirl and complain and basically going on and on about brimstone and hellfire. Then my husband just quietly took the lipstain out of my hand and gave it 3 big downward shakes and TADA! You can see the product bleeding the clear cap to my surprise. LOL needless to say I felt pretty foolish and just shut my big mouth. So come to find out the product did not dry up this time or the first time. Ever since then I have been able to use this lipstain. The down side is every time I want to use it I have to give it a shake. The product itself when it comes out does exactly what I expected it to do. It stains my lips giving them color. On the pink one that I bought I wouldn't exactly go by the main color thats on the container. It comes out more like a red than a pink. The brown one I bought is fairly close to the color on the container however. I have been wearing a little bit of the pink/red one on top of another natural pink product to give a little more color but not too much. The funny thing about this is that now I found out about this neat trick my hubby did, my liquid eyeliner from E.L.F was acting up the same way. I did the same little trick and got product to come out. So kudos and kisses to the hubs for teaching the wife how to get the most out of her makeup! I personally am not use to having to do that before I use makeup *shrugs*. You do have to wear a lipbalm under or over this stuff. It is not at all moisturizing. It just gives a natural matter finish to the lip.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm
This looks very similar to Covergirl's Outlast lipstain with a marker tip and clear cap except its longer and have a white glue stick looking balm on the other end of container making it like a dual lip product. It works pretty much like Outlast. Major plus to the balm. Smart idea considering the actual marker looking lip stain part doesn't provide any moisturizing abilities to my lips. I currently have the color Passion which is a hot pink and Beloved/Adoration which is kind of a mauve plumish pink. Neither I would wear for everyday. The hot pink is well hot pink and is more for going out. The mauve one is too dark for daily, but great for the fall season or going out as well.  And yes I have to do the shake to get the product to come out.

Revlon Just Bitten Balmstain
First glance with the top off it looks just like a fat Crayon pencil. The color I got is in Cherish/Devotion which is a bright pink. I accidentally picked this up. I wanted the regular Just Bitten lipstain at the time and when I realized I picked up the wrong one (balmstain) after I already purchased I was cussing hellfire and brimstone again. Yet when I tried it on my lips I was actually happy with the product. While the Revlon Lipstain + Balm has the lipstain on one end and the balm on the other this balmstain is just one fat pencil that does both at the same time. Think of the Revlon lipstain end as a daddy and the balm end as a mommy which gave birth to the balmstain. It is true to the name. It is moisturizing just like a balm. I would say more like tinted lipbalm. If you wanted to wear this alone then it is totally okay. No need to put any extra balm to it. The color I got is a lighter brighter pink that I would wear going out and not everyday. I would have prefered to pick a more natural looking pink for my lips. But hey atleast I dont have to shake to get some product!

Unfortunately none of the lipstains I bought alone gave me a natural flush of color to my lips. I like the idea of the lipstains because the way they go on does look like a natural flush to the lips. I just havent quite found the natural color part that I am looking for. I would buy all three products again and try out more colors on a deal of course.


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