Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Rephresh Feminine Kit
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Beauty Product Review: Battle of the Lipstains

I have collected some lip stains over the past week or so from Covergirl and Revlon. Right now CVS has their Revlon lip products 6.49 get 4.00 back in rewards that can be used like in-store cash or credit on your next transaction. There are 1.00 off coupons in the 8-5-12 Sunday paper Smart Source coupon insert as well. I am on the search for natural flush of color to my lips in a natural pink or natural nude brown that can be worn daily. I have been using them lately and wanted to share my review.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain
Okay first glance you got this container with a clear top. Taking the top off looks just like a marker. The two colors I got is 400 which is suppose to a pink shade and 427 is suppose to be a light brownish nude shade. This lipstain was almost a miss until I found out that this is a problem with many products such as this. I purchased this product before back in May for a cruise. Used it one time and didn't use it again for a while and when I went back in my makeup collection to use it again the product wouldn't come out. It was like it dried up. So strike number one. I ended up throwing that one away. I decided to give it another chance recently and purchased it again thinking I bought a dud the first time. First time use was successful. Second time use same problem. So I was complaining to my husband about how I hate this product and that I was going to give it a bad review on my blog and write Covergirl and complain and basically going on and on about brimstone and hellfire. Then my husband just quietly took the lipstain out of my hand and gave it 3 big downward shakes and TADA! You can see the product bleeding the clear cap to my surprise. LOL needless to say I felt pretty foolish and just shut my big mouth. So come to find out the product did not dry up this time or the first time. Ever since then I have been able to use this lipstain. The down side is every time I want to use it I have to give it a shake. The product itself when it comes out does exactly what I expected it to do. It stains my lips giving them color. On the pink one that I bought I wouldn't exactly go by the main color thats on the container. It comes out more like a red than a pink. The brown one I bought is fairly close to the color on the container however. I have been wearing a little bit of the pink/red one on top of another natural pink product to give a little more color but not too much. The funny thing about this is that now I found out about this neat trick my hubby did, my liquid eyeliner from E.L.F was acting up the same way. I did the same little trick and got product to come out. So kudos and kisses to the hubs for teaching the wife how to get the most out of her makeup! I personally am not use to having to do that before I use makeup *shrugs*. You do have to wear a lipbalm under or over this stuff. It is not at all moisturizing. It just gives a natural matter finish to the lip.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm
This looks very similar to Covergirl's Outlast lipstain with a marker tip and clear cap except its longer and have a white glue stick looking balm on the other end of container making it like a dual lip product. It works pretty much like Outlast. Major plus to the balm. Smart idea considering the actual marker looking lip stain part doesn't provide any moisturizing abilities to my lips. I currently have the color Passion which is a hot pink and Beloved/Adoration which is kind of a mauve plumish pink. Neither I would wear for everyday. The hot pink is well hot pink and is more for going out. The mauve one is too dark for daily, but great for the fall season or going out as well.  And yes I have to do the shake to get the product to come out.

Revlon Just Bitten Balmstain
First glance with the top off it looks just like a fat Crayon pencil. The color I got is in Cherish/Devotion which is a bright pink. I accidentally picked this up. I wanted the regular Just Bitten lipstain at the time and when I realized I picked up the wrong one (balmstain) after I already purchased I was cussing hellfire and brimstone again. Yet when I tried it on my lips I was actually happy with the product. While the Revlon Lipstain + Balm has the lipstain on one end and the balm on the other this balmstain is just one fat pencil that does both at the same time. Think of the Revlon lipstain end as a daddy and the balm end as a mommy which gave birth to the balmstain. It is true to the name. It is moisturizing just like a balm. I would say more like tinted lipbalm. If you wanted to wear this alone then it is totally okay. No need to put any extra balm to it. The color I got is a lighter brighter pink that I would wear going out and not everyday. I would have prefered to pick a more natural looking pink for my lips. But hey atleast I dont have to shake to get some product!

Unfortunately none of the lipstains I bought alone gave me a natural flush of color to my lips. I like the idea of the lipstains because the way they go on does look like a natural flush to the lips. I just havent quite found the natural color part that I am looking for. I would buy all three products again and try out more colors on a deal of course.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Product Review: Revlon Color Stay Whipped Foundation & Awesome Rite Aid Deal
Remember my CVS shopping trip where I bought some Revlon makeup? Well among the haul was the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation in caramel. I decided to try it out today and share my review.

First glance on the inside it looks like liquid foundation in a glass container. However, when you touch it with your fingers it has a more solid consistency like gelatin pudding. You really do not need a whole lot . After applying the foundation, it really gave my skin a silk finish to the touch. It did not feel very heavy which I was afraid of at first since the product on my fingers felt thick. On the top of the bottle it states "24 Hours" as if this stuff is suppose to have staying power? I did experience some transfer onto my cellphone about hours later so I wouldn't say its completely transfer free. You may have to follow it up with a finishing mist or powder that keeps your makeup in place. Later in the evening I played some volleyball. I usually do not put anything on my face when I work out (look out for a post on my personal makeup routine when I workout or go swimming). However this was something I already had on my face from earlier in the day. It definitely did not survive my sweat so its not waterproof lol. Do I hate this product? No. Do I love this product? No. It did its job as far as evening out my skin tone. My main face imperfection is dark circles under the eyes which I combat with concealer. I do not need a lot of makeup on my face. I have very minor discolorations on my face and only wear tinted moisturizer or foundation to even out my skin tone. This product is not heavy which is definitely a plus for me. However, I will say this foundation didnt exactly wow me. I am not sure what "24 hours" is suppose to mean, but I did experience transfer. Would I buy it again? Sure, if there was a good deal on it which brings me to my next news about this product.....

Rite Aid has an awesome deal that can be used with some printable coupons for Revlon right now.  There Revlon makeup is on a buy one get one 50% sale.  If you spend 10.00 you get 4.00 back in rewards (that can be used like cash on your next transaction) and can submit for a single check rebate for 2.00 (you submit your receipt of a qualifying item that produces the single check rebate and Rite aid sends your rebate to your mailing address in the form of a check). Well your scenario would go like this (prices may vary depending on your Rite aid store so please check the ad and rebate list to confirm the deal in your area).....

Two Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundations *spend 10 receive 4.00 reward limit 2 and 2.00 rebate limit 4* (13.99 each buy one get on 50%) 20.99
subtotal 20.99
use 2 Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundations coupons (2.00 each) -4.00
use Rite aid Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation coupon -2.00
pay 14.99 receive 8.00 in rewards plus 4.00 in a single check rebate!!!

This is such a good deal for drugstore foundation that it gives me chills! Unfortunately as much as I wanted to I couldn't snag this deal because none of the Rite Aids had my color in Caramel. Maybe next time *sigh*.

Free Sample of Taylor Swift's Fragrance Wonderstruck
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Coupon Shopping Trip Haul Continuation 8-13-12

There were two places that I was suppose to go on yesterday's shopping trip, but after my couponing at three drug stores yesterday I didnt feel like going and stopped my couponing a little early. So today on my way to play sand volleyball I decide to make two stops at Krogers grocery store and Target. By the way, if you are thinking about couponing or already couponing, please do not make extra shopping trips for deals. It is totally okay to have one maybe two dedicated days to do your shopping trips (especially if its the day of the weekly sale). However, any extra shopping trips that is not on those days should be done to and from your regular commute. This is practical in order to save on gas. Anyhoo back to my haul.....


Transaction 1
Revlon Color Whip foundation *spend 12 get 6.00 back* 9.49
Revlon Kissable lipbalm stain *spend 12.00 get 6.00 back* 6.99
subtotal 16.48
used Revlon Colorstay Whipped coupon -2.00
used Revlon color cosmetic coupon from the 7-22-12 Sunday paper Smart Source (SS) insert -1.00
used CVS red box Revlon cosmetic coupon -3.00
used rewards from past shopping trips -10.00
subtotal .48
tax .58
paid 1.06
received 6.00 rewards

Transaction 2
bag of flour 3.19
bag of sugar 2.79
4 Quaker Honey Graham Ohs cereal (1.00 each) 4.00
subtotal 9.98
used 2 Quaker coupons (1.00/2) -2.00
used rewards from last transaction -6.00
subtotal 1.98
tax .50
paid .48

CVS total out of pocket 3.54

I still had a 10.00 reward at the house that was going to expire soon along with a CVS Redbox coupon for Revlon I wanted to use up. So I wanted to try the Revlon Color Whip foundation since this particular CVS I went to had it in my skintone. Plus I needed some flour and sugar. So I decided to take advantage of this deal and use the rewards to pay for my flour and sugar. Be aware that they are not in the picture because I already put those items up. Look out for makeup reviews coming soon!


Transaction 1
6 Birds Eye Viola skillet dinners (5.39 buy on get one free) 16.17
2 Haribo Gummy Candy (1.00 each) 2.00
subtotal 18.17
used 6 Birds Eye Viola coupons (1.75 each) -10.50
used 2 Haribo coupons (.30 each tripled)-1.80
subtotal 5.87
tax .85
paid 6.72

Kroger total out of pocket 6.72

I was too stoked about this deal. Those dinners cost me about .95 per bag after these awesome coupons. My hubby was happy cause I came home with more gummy bears (he loves those). However, I was happy that they only cost .10 per bag after coupons. Be aware that my Krogers triple coupons under .40 cent value and double coupons that is .40 to .50. You may have to check your local Kroger. The good thing is that you too have a high possability of taking advantage of this deal if Kroger is running it in your area. Check Kroger's weekly ad in your area to confirm.


Transaction 1
4 Hefty slide ziploc bags (2.19 each) 8.76
2 Market Pantry gummy snacks 10ct (1.89 each) 3.78
subtotal 12.54
used 4 Hefty slider bag coupons (.55 each) -2.20
used 4 Target Hefty coupons (1.89 each) -4.00
used 2 Target Market Pantry coupons (1.00 each) -2.00
subtotal 4.34
tax .43
tax .09
paid 4.86

Target total out of pocket 4.86

My hubbys computer was up and running so I was able to print two more coupons to snag some cheap gummy snacks for about .86 per box. My hubby and son love these. I wanted to snag some Lunchables for about .50 each after coupons with this Target Lunchables coupon (1.00/2) since Target have them on sale for a 1.00 each. However they were out. So on my way to and from my regular commute I will probably check back and grab some!

***Total Shopping Trip Out of Pocket 15.12***

Coupon Shopping Trip Haul 8-12-12

I love this particular haul cause I got some things I needed, wanted, and absolutely loved for a decent price. This was mostly drugstore shopping. I also used a combination of printable coupons (which I provide links for you), some unique store coupons (some printable and some not), and Sunday paper coupons. Some coupons may not be available to you. Concerning Sunday paper coupons, I provide the exact date of the newspaper, so if there are coupons that you are interested in then check your local newspaper provider to see if they have the older Sunday papers for purchase or visit some coupon clipping services. I personally like Very affordable if you are looking for a particular Sunday paper coupon. Also, there needs to be some explanation of how each store works in order to take advantage of some of these deals. Part of the reason why I saved so much money is not only because I stack coupons with good deals, but because I use my store's reward program that is different for each store. I stacked coupons with store sales to purchase the items that produced rewards that is like in-store credit or cash that can be used in other transactions in order to pay a low out of pocket. Sounds foreign? No worries I will walk you through along the way transaction by transaction. Also, keep in mind that I came in the store with rewards from past shopping trips which made my out of pocket expense very low, therefore if you do not have the amount of rewards as me in a particular store then your out of pocket expense would be different if you were to take advantage of the deals.

6 Sunday papers (1.25 each) 6.50
1 head of lettuce 1.28
subtotal 8.78
tax .06
paid 8.84

Walmart total out of pocket 8.84

Rite Aid

I came in the store with 30.00 worth of rewards. Check out your local Rite Aid ad to confirm these deals in your area. Rite Aid's rewards program is called Up Rewards. You will need to sign up for a Rite Aid's member card to take advantage of some deals and rewards. However, no worries. Its free to sign up.

Transaction 1
2 bags of Oral B floss picks *2.00 reward each* (3.49 each) 6.98
1 pack of 500 sheet copy paper *1.00 reward* 3.99
2 Anne Chuns noodle bowls (1.99 each) 3.98
subtotal 14.95
used 2 Oral B floss pick coupons from the Proctor and Gamble (PG) coupon insert in the 7-29-12 Sunday paper (.75 each) -1.50
used 2 Anne Chun coupons (.50 each) -1.00
used Rite Aid Anne Chun coupon (1.00/2) -1.00
used rewards from past shopping trips -10.00
subtotal 1.45
tax 1.19
paid 2.64
received 5.00 rewards

So excited about this transaction because I needed some more copy paper (so I can print more coupons of course) and my house runs through floss picks, and who doesnt like noodles?

Transaction 2
2 Huggies big box of wipes 360ct (10.00 each) 20.00
4 Huggies smaller tubs of wipes 52ct (3.99 each buy one get one 50% off) 11.96
subtotal 31.96
used rewards from last transaction and past shopping trips -25.00
paid 6.96
tax 2.88
paid 9.84
received 10.00 rewards

Having a big stock on wet wipes in my household is always a must because I use them for myself like crazy lol. I believe wet wipes is one of the best multi purpose beauty/hygiene products out there.

Rite Aid total out of pocket 12.48
leftover 10.00 rewards

I could have had a lower out of pocket if I would have purchased the wipes 1st using all 30.00 of my rewards at once. Then use the 10.00 I got back on the noodles, copy paper, and floss picks *face palm*. Also, inside some Rite Aid stores are free coupon booklets called Rite Aid Oral Health that have store coupons inside pertaining to dental care products. I found this out after I bought my Oral B floss picks, unfortunately. Inside that booklet is a coupon that takes 1.00 off any Oral B product. The coupon states limit one per customer. Therefore you can only use it one time. So if you bought one bag of Oral B floss picks at 3.49, used a .75 off Oral B manufacture coupon from the PG insert, and 1.00 off Rite Aid Oral B coupon from the Rite Aid Oral Health booklet. You will only pay 1.74 out of pocket and receive 2.00 reward back. That is a moneymaker! It like you made .26 to take some floss picks off Rite Aid's hands. I would say that is a sweet deal. I found the booklets at the counter after I already made my purchase *another face palm*. Oh well. Live and your learn, I guess.


 I will warn that I am not sure how some of the subtotals came to be. The cashier was entering things in manually, but whatever. I came in the store with 25.00 rewards. CVS calls their reward program Extra Care Bucks (ECBs). Like Rite Aid you will need to sign up for a member card, and it is free. Check out your local CVS ad to confirm these deals in your area. Also be aware of the CVS coupon center machine aka the red box inside your local CVS. The red box prints out CVS coupons for particular items after you scan your CVS card. I used alot of those in this shopping trip. If you do not have the same red box coupons as I do then your out of pocket would be different. Also, my local CVS takes expired red box coupons. You should check with your local CVS on that as well. On the spend X.XX get X.XX deals the amount you have to spend is before coupon and taxes. So you can satisfy the requirement and bring that amount down with coupons to 0 and still get your reward!

Transaction 1
2 Goodnites underwear *spend 30.00 get 10.00 reward* (9.49 each) 18.98
2 Wisks detergent *spend 30.00 get 10.00 reward* (4.99 each) 9.98
2 Suave deodorant (1.00 each) 2.00
4 Snickers (1.19 each bogo .25) 2.88
2 Quaker Honey Graham Ohs Cereal (1.00 each) 12.00
subtotal 35.84
used 2 Goodnite coupons (2.00 each) -4.00
used 2 CVS Goodnite coupons (2.00 each) -4.00
used 2 Wisks coupons from the 8-12-12 Sunday Paper Red Plum (RP) insert  (2.00 each) -4.00
used 2 Suave deodorant coupons from the 7-29-12 Sunday Paper RP insert (.50 each) -1.00
used 2 CVS redbox Mars coupons (1.00/2) -2.00
used 1 Quaker coupon (1.00/2) -1.00
used rewards from past shopping trips -20.00
subtotal .46
tax 2.39
tax .19
paid 3.04
received 10.00 rewards that a manager manually printed for me off a misunderstanding on my part

The Goodnites and Wisk was part of a spend 30.00 get 10.00 reward back deal. The 30.00 needs to be reached before tax and coupons. You can be off by a few cents such as 29.95 for example and it will still give you the reward. However, there was a misunderstanding where mines didn't print because my total for the Goodnites and Wisk came out to be 28.96 which isn't enough to get the reward. I didn't know this at the time. So when I brought it to the cashier's attention that I didn't get my expected reward, I was printed out a manual 10.00 reward by the manager. Therefore, if you are trying to take advantage of this deal just know you would have to add a qualifying purchase in order to receive your 10.00 reward. Besides the rewards, having those printable manufacture 2.00 off coupon stacked with a CVS 2.00 off coupon is a good deal making those Goodnites 5.49 per pack! Any parents that have kids that wear them would know that those things are not cheap!

Transaction 2
2 Covergirl Lashblast mascaras *spend 25.00 get 5.00 reward* (2/15.00) 15.00
2 Covergirl Outlast lipstains *spend 25.00 get 5.00 reward* (8.99 each bogo50%) 13.48
subtotal 28.48
used Covergirl Lashblast mascara coupon from 8-12-12 Sunday Paper RP insert (5.00/2) -5.00
used 2 Covergirl Outlast product coupon from 7-22-12 Sunday Paper Parade insert (2.50 each) -5.00
used CVS redbox cosmetic purchase coupon (5.00/15.00) -5.00
used CVS redbox any cosmetic coupon (1.00) -1.00
used 2 CVS redbox Covergirl purchase coupon (1.00/5.00) -2.00
used rewards from last transaction -10.00
subtotal .48
tax 1.66
paid 2.14
received 5.00 reward

I love the Cover Girl Lash Blast line so I was totally excited about t his deal. Look out for product reviews on the lipstains.

Transaction 3
2 Nivea Q10 lotions *buy two Nivea lotions get 5.00 reward* (10.79 each) 21.58
subtotal 21.58
used 2 Nivea Q10 coupons (3.00 each) -6.00
used CVS redbox Nivea coupon (3.00/2) -3.00
used CVS redbox beauty purchase coupon (3.00/15.00) -3.00
used rewards from last transaction -5.00
subtotal 4.58
tax 1.40
paid 5.98
received 5.00 reward

Transaction 4
2 Suave deodorants (1.00 each) 2.00
1 Gillette Venus razor *4.00 reward* 9.99
subtotal 11.99
used 2 Suave deodorant coupons from the 7-29-12 Sunday Paper RP insert (.50 each) -1.00
used 1 Gillette Venus coupon from the 8-12-12 Sunday Paper RP insert (4.00) -4.00
used 1 CVS redbox Gillette Venus purchase coupon (1.00/5.00) -1.00
used rewards from last transaction -5.00
subtotal .99
tax 1.09
paid 2.07
received 4.00 reward

Transaction 5
2 Crest 3D White mouthwash 1L *spend 10.00 get 5.00 reward* (7.79 each)
2 Crest 3D White mouthwash 436 mL *spend 10.00 get 5.00 reward* (5.89 each)
subtotal 27.36
used 2 Crest rinse coupons from the 7-29-12 Sunday Paper PG insert (buy 1L g 500ml or smaller free) (took off 5.00 each though) -10.00
used 2 CVS redbox Crest purchase coupon (1.00/5.00) -2.00
used 1 CVS redbox Crest purchase coupon (2.00/10.00) -2.00
used rewards from past shopping trip and last transaction -9.00
subtotal 4.36
tax 2.01
paid 6.37
received 10.00 reward

I love love love Crest 3d White mouthwash. I swear it makes my teeth whiter and brighter after a few uses. So the fact that I am getting a stock on this makes me oh so happy. Notice that when they took off for the coupon that they took off 5.00 each for the free 436 ml. Well the coupon states thats the value they will take off eventhough it states free. So I had to pay the .89 each. Still a good deal though!

Transaction 6
4 Fig Newtons (3/4.00 or 1.33 each) 5.33
2 Suave deodorant (1.00 each) 2.00
5 Quaker Capn Crunch Cereal (1.00 each) 5.00
1 Quaker Honey Graham Ohs Cereal (1.00 each) 1.00
Oak Farm Milk 3.99
CVS green bag tag .99
subtotal 18.31
used 4 Fig Newton coupons (1.00 each) -4.00
used 2 Suave deodorant coupons from the 7-29-12 Sunday Paper RP insert (.50 each) -1.00
used 3 Quaker coupons (1.00/2 each) -3.00
used rewards from last transaction -10.00
subtotal .32
tax .25
tax .72
paid 1.29

CVS total out of pocket 20.89

This particular shopping trip made me real happy. I have to say that CVS has really been blessing me with good deals. I got a stock of brans I absolutely love. I am totally happy that I have six bottles of Suave deodorant because the tropical scent smells so goooood.


Walgreens call their rewards program Register Rewards (RR). Check out your local Walgreens ad to confirm deals in your area. No member card needed at the moment, at least in my Walgreens. There are talks that they may implement a member card.

Transaction 1

Cant find my receipt but I know exactly how much I paid because it was only 1.00 to my surprise. Some items require that you use the coupon that is in the ad inside Walgreens in order to get the advertised price. Also in order to use my rewards they require that the pre-tax amount must equal the amount of rewards you have so you may have to find some cheap filler items to satisfy that like I did.

Real Soft 12 Double Roll Bath tissue 5.00
Nice Shredded Cheese 2.00 and some change
Haribo gummy bears *used in ad coupon* .79
some random sucker used as a filler item .59
subtotal estimated 8.00 or 9.00 and some change
used Haribo gummy bear coupons -.30
used rewards from past shopping trips -8.00
subtotal unknown
tax unknown
paid 1.00

What can I say we needed tissue and cheese. Oh and my hubby loves gummy bears.

Walgreens Total Out of Pocket 1.00

***Total Shopping Trip Out of Pocket 43.21***
***Total Leftover Rewards 10.00***

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Product Review : Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner
CVS had a great deal on Aussie/Herbal Essence shampoo, conditioners, and stylers (they were 2/5.97) plus some high value 3.00/2 coupons stacked with some CVS 1.00/2 coupons making them 1.97 for two! Unfortunately this deal is no longer available. However, you can find the 3.00/2 coupons in the 8-5-12 Sunday paper inside the Red Plum coupon insert and save them for another sale from a local store in your area.

I know, I know....why didnt I share this shopping trip deal? Well, I only share the shopping trips that I know you can still take advantage of. I kind of took advantage of this deal last minute (8-11-12 to be exact which was the last day of the sale). Therefore, I don't post my last minute shopping trips that makes it nearly impossible for my viewers to participate in. That would be just cruel, wouldn't it? Why brag with nitty gritty details of what I got if you cant get it too? I stocked up. I wanted to get a stock of the Aussie Moist conditioner, but they didn't have any. However, they had the Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner. So I stocked on that instead. I ended up washing my hair that night and decided to try it out.

After washing my hair with a moisturizing shampoo, I applied the Aussie to my hair. Coming out of the container it looks just like regular Aussie Moist conditioner and smells just like it. I left it in for 3 minutes, rinsed with warm water, then cold water, per instructions.

 So in a nut shell? Its no different than regular Aussie Moist conditioner to me. Looks, smells, and feels like it. The same thing I did with the deep conditioner is the same thing I always do with the regular Aussie Moist conditioner. Which isn't a bad thing for me actually, because I like Aussie moist conditioner. However, its just another quick rinse out moisturizing conditioner. I don't think of this product as a deep least not the deep conditioners I use for my naturally kinky curly hair. For one I usually buy intense deep conditioners that say on the label to leave in for 5 minutes or more and leave them in my hair for at least an hour to overnight. I already deep conditioned on dry hair before washing, so I wasn't going to do that with the Aussie. My hair felt soft afterwards, but my hair usually feels that way when I deep condition on dry hair, wash, and then use a quick rinse out conditioner. So if given the chance of this being on sale and the Aussie Moist regular conditioner was not on sale or they were out of stock then I would buy this again and use it as a rinse out conditioner. However, if I was looking for a deep conditioner then I wouldn't go for this product, personally.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Coupon Shopping Trip Haul: Target 8/9/12

So I decided to do a little couponing at Target and share it. I got these deals at Target using only printable coupons from If you are interested in also snagging some of these deals, I did provide links so you can print your coupons and head to your nearest Target as well! Just be aware that some of these coupons may no longer be available. Keep in mind that the max number of coupons you are able to print per computer is two. So if you wanted to stock up then you would need multiple computers. I was able to stack some coupons on already great deals making my shopping trip super cheap.

2 Market Pantry Penne Pasta on mark down (1.03 each) 2.06
2 Market Pantry sauce alfredo and spaghetti on mark down (1.32 each) 2.64
1 Up and Up feminine wash on mark down 1.97
4 Scotch magic tape on sale for this week (.49 each)
1 Women's salmon colored denim bermuda shorts on clearance 7.48
subtotal 16.11
9% tax .31
5% tax .14
subtotal 6.56
2 Target Market Pantry pasta & sauce coupon (1.00 off pasta and sauce making them about .68 each) -2.00
1 Target Up & Up feminine product coupon (1.00 off making it .97 coupon no longer available) -1.00
4 Target Scotch tape coupon (.50 off making them free perhaps overage) -2.00
1 Target Womens denim bottoms coupon (5.00 off making them 2.98 coupon no longer available) -5.00
total out of pocket 6.56

I also received a printed catalina coupon at the register from today's purchase for a free soft drink if I buy a pretzel at the cafe. Also, just to give a heads up. The Market Pantry fruit snacks are about 1.87 at my Target for the 10 count. There is a Market Pantry coupon in the Back to School section for 1.00 off making them about .87 per box. I already printed the max number of coupons allowed and used these coupons on a Target shopping trip about two weeks ago. However, they are still available if you want some cheap fruit snacks!

All the time I have people come up to me and say that they want to try couponing, but they feel like they do not have the time or they do not know how to go about it. If you also feel that way then have no worries! Look for an upcoming blog post on some quick, easy, smart couponing tips to help you get started saving money on everything including groceries, personal care items, dining, and clothes!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Vacation Packing Tip: Onesies!!!
It may be August and summer is coming to an end, but you may still have time to fit a vacation/staycation before school starts. I love summer vacations, but I do not love packing. When my little boy was in his baby toddler stages it was so easy to pack for him. All I had to do was pick out enough cute onesies to last the trip and it was all good. Well another great thing about packing if you are a lady (or gentlemen that likes to wear feminine clothes) is that we can pack onesies too!

No I am not saying we should buy actual adult size onesies. I am talking dresses and rompers here. I looove dresses and rompers because they are like fashionable onesies. Putting on one article of clothing that can make a whole cute outfit just sounds freaking genius to me. All you need are shoes, accessories, and BAM a cute outfit. They can be dressed up or dressed down from casual to a more dressier occasion. A few years back I took a trip to Los Angeles, CA and I packed nothing but sundresses. Easy Peasy. If your not a dress girl then rompers are great alternatives. You can pack long jumpsuit ones if you prefer pants or the short ones if you prefer shorts. Got a 3-7 day vacation? Pack 3-7 dresses and/or rompers and two pairs of shoes along with matching accessories that can take those onesies from day to night and your good to go! Just dont forget to pack underwear and toiletries.